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Success-Stories: easy drive® is that successfully used in the industry today!

Labeling systems

Our labeling machines are used to label numerous different types of packaging. For this purpose, we use lateral guiding belts and timing belts with coatings, e.g. Linatex, to feed the product to the labeling system. The labeling systems either attach adhesive labels to the products or print the information directly on them.

Before we introduced easy drive® to our system, it was difficult to ensure that the adhesive labels always were attached to the packaging at the same place. Since the toothed belts tended to run off slightly to the side, the labels always were attached at the wrong place. In particular, this caused problems in connection with barcode scanners.

When the information was printed directly onto the packaging with ink or laser, errors or defective items occurred repeatedly since the print was displaced or blurred.

Now that we are using easy drive®, the problems described above have been remedied completely. Because of the exact and precise running properties of the timing belt, the labels always are positioned

accurately and at the same place on the products. The print images are clear and precise.